Desire and Courage

In my life, I've jumped into the unknown over and over again: As a teenager I attended high school in the USA, in my mid-twenties I studied in Colombia, in my mid-thirties I built up a diving resort in the Philippines together with my husband and kids. And I was always rewarded with enriching experiences and relationships. With this confidence, that everything is always working out for us, I enthusiastically accompany people in using their own resources to follow their longing.


When I was a kid, I didn't want to keep my head under water: Not being able to breathe panicked me. Even as an adult woman and after hundreds of tank dives, I could only stand it under water for a few seconds without air. Then I read about an apnea diving course with money-back guarantee if you can't hold your breath for three minutes after one week. Full of scepticism, I travelled to a course at the sea in 2015. A few days later I had held my breath for over four minutes and had dived twenty meters without air. The water taught me that not primarily effort leads to success and better performance, but strong clear thoughts. The Work and apnea diving have given me more clarity about my thinking. Today my actions and words are accompanied by more clarity, joy and empathy.

In my seminars I therefore prefer to combine learning content with activities that involve our body and let us experience the effect of our thoughts. This also includes the Wim Hof Method, where with the help of cold water we learn to stay relaxed in stressful situations and to keep our focus.,

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Short portrait

Born 1973; 1 husband and 2 children (2005, 2009), that inspire and challenge me and make me happy; until 1998 commerical diploma/business school certificate; until 2003 studies in geography; 2010 Training a as quality system manager; since 2010 Head of Quality Management at the Federal Office for Food Safety and Veterinary Affairs (part time); as of 2013 coaching training und coachings; since 2016 part of the coachingpool of the Swiss Federal Administration. 2017/18 Wim Hof instructor training. Find me also on LinkedIn or Facebook. 



  • Oxygen Advantage Trainer (Oxygen Research Institute, Irland)

  • Wim Hof Instructor (WHM Academy, Netherlands)

  • Coach for the Work of Byron Katie (ITW, Ojaj, California)

  • CAS Coaching practitioner (FHNW, Olten, Switzerland)

  • Coaching in Quality Management (SAQ-Qualicon, Olten, Switzerland)

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